Insurance verification is bulky, tedious, time consuming, but, very important. Our Verification solution, JarvisAV, lessens the burden and cost, providing advanced and day-of re-verification for patient's scheduled appointments.

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JarvisAV does the heavy lifting

In advanced and day-of reverification of the patient's scheduled appointment. JarvisAV integrates the results back into your practice management software. Daily emailed reports spolight exceptions, so there is no hunting for those patients with issues.

Feature 1

Stress Free Verification

Our JarvisAV Solution is fully automated from start to finish, providing consistent results. It identifies issues outside of standard ineligibility of the patient and keeps you up to date. Appointment day re-verification keeps you updated with any insurance changes.

Feature 2

Get Your Time Back

While verifications might be a small part of your day, it is one piece that could be automated and actually give your staff more time to embrace more important opportunities; like creating the best patient experience. What could you do with more time?

Feature 3

Going Beyond

We do more than just verify insurance. We check for exceptions, and capture plan information, benefit information, last dates of service, and so much more. Making it easy for you to schedule treatments and know exactly what to expect.

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