Beyond Rosters

Total Roster Members Processed :

Working with your assigned members and keeping track of current patient rosters is a big challenge.  Staff members struggle with keeping track of assigned members from either MCNA or DentaQuest and when they were last seen.  Members frequently fall off the roster for different reasons and it is difficult to ensure they have renewed coverage. 

Beyond Rosters provides automated roster services that enable your staff to ensure current patients are still covered, when they were last seen and what procedure was done, and also capture new patients that have dropped off of other clinic rosters.


  • Reporting Shows Newly Assigned Patients

  • Reporting Conveys Patients Assigned to Your Practice Under No-Longer Employed Physicians

  • LastDates are Readily Visible


  • Updated Patient Contact Information

  • Easily Identify Patients Who Missed Appointments

  • Reports Identify Untreated Patients


  • Software Runs Off of PMS Data

  • HIPAA Compliant

  • Run Time In Seconds


  • Reports Are More Cost Effective Than Other Solutions

  • Reporting Software Is Capitalized Not Expensed Thereby Reducing EBITDA

  • Reduces Hourly Costs That Staff Spend On Data Collection


  • Eliminates the 15-20 Hours Per Month Offices Spend Assembling Reports

  • No need to Search and Identify Last Dates for Assigned Patients

  • Eliminates Need to Compare Listings to Identify Newly Assigned Patients

Ease of Use

  • No Need to Be Tech Savy to Collect and Arrange the Data

  • Eliminates Need to Sort Through Reports to Find Patients Who Need to Be Called

  • Easily Identify Patients Due for a Routing Cleaning