Automated Verification & Integrated Eligibility (AVIE)

Ensuring the patients you are seeing on a daily basis are still covered on the same insurance is a critical part of your daily workflow.   Also knowing what procedures were done previously, and when, is important to ensure you get paid for the procedure being done today.

AVIE solves these problems by proactively ensuring staff has the information they need.


  • Integrated Logic to Identify Frequency Limitation

  • Operates from your own location – not Cloud Based

  • Identifies Dental Home Assignments with Managed Care


  • No Staff Interaction Necessary

  • Integrates Results into Selected PMS

  • Runs on Automated Schedule

  • Captures Updated Benefit Usage and Limitations


  • Multiple Verifications per Appointment

  • Daily Email of Verification Results

  • Focused Exception Reports

  • Identifies Primary Service LastDates


  • AVIE is a Captial item not an Operating Expense and therefore Improves EBITDA

  • More Cost Effective Than Labor Costs

  • Reduces risk of HIPAA Compliance


  • Consistency of Data

  • Updates Verification The Morning of Appointment

  • PMS is Updated With Current Verification Results

  • Provides Updated Patient Contact Information

Information Delivery

  • Know Which Patients to Contact Regarding Issues Prior to Appointment

  • Reports Non-Covered Services Due to Frequency Limitations

  • Reports Insurance Eligibility Issues

  • Emailed Reports Provide Multi-Day View of Appointments