What is Dentalytics? It is the capturing of analytics of a dental practice that allows you to track patients through sealants, flouride treatments, and periodontal maintenance helping you to deliver higher quality care and bringing patients through your doors. This technology makes recommendations for preventive services based upon demographic and claims data such as age and previous dental treatments. Having this information allows you to know which patients have been seen and which to schedule. 

Nationally recognized quality metrics that can be used as performance measures:

  • Topical fluoride for patients (ages 1-20) at elevated caries risk

  • Sealants on first molars for patients (ages 6-9) at elevated caries risk

  • Sealants on second molars for patients (10-14) at elevated caries risk

  • Percentage of enrolled patients (ages 21+) at elevated risk for caries who receive a comprehensive or periodic exam within reporting year

  • Percentage of enrolled patients (ages 30+) with a history of periodontal disease who receive two or more periodontal maintenance procedures or prophylaxis with reporting year


  • Hindsight Analysis

  • Automated Nightly Emailed Reports

  • Operations & Quality Analytics

  • Call Center & Appointment analysis

  • Future Operations Analysis